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Saturday, July 13th, 2013 12:34 pm
Series: Arata Kangatari ( アラタ カンガタリ ~革神語~ )
Year: 2013
Episodes: 12
Production: Satelight, Lantis, JM Animation

SummaryEvery 30 years, a new princess is chosen from the Hime family to serve the Hayagami. The time has come again, but over these past years, records state not a single female has been born, save for one, the 15-year-old Arata. The only problem is, Arata is actually a male! Forced to disguise himself and take the place of the princess candidate until a formal one can be found, he attends the festival only to witness the current princess, Kokuri-hime, murdered, and his own life is forfeit as well, by the hands of the princess' personal guard, the 12 Shinshou. As he runs for his life, Kannagi of the 12 convinces everyone that Arata is the one who has murdered the princess instead, and now everyone in the Imperial Court is after his head! ( - MAL )

Catie's Thoughts: Fairly mediocre show, it had a lot of promise to it but being cut short at 12 episodes meant that instead of being a more fun action romp, it kinda just ... died. Nothing is resolved - oh, the main shounen hero got a power-up! - but ... yeah. It just kinda stops and I really fucking hate that that's a thing now. Maybe if this show gets a second season my opinion will improve, but I'm really fucking sick of the way that is being handled - one 12-episode season, and poof. Done. It doesn't lend itself to the storytelling, the shows tend to be paced badly and wander all over the place, characters get forgotten or poorly developed, and plot holes. Plot hooooooles.

It is interesting how the bullying is handled in the show, though. I am also sad that we didn't get to see that much of the "other" Arata running around in Hinohara's life, because I'm sure that is greatly entertaining. Ah, well.

Would I buy it? Likely not, not as it stands now. If it got a second season and that rocked, then maybe.


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